A Bouquet He’ll Love.

Let’s face it, finding the perfect gift for the men in your life is hard. It’s always a struggle to find something that your dad, significant other or brother will appreciate and use. If you’ve run out of ideas, how about mixing creativity with practicality, and give him a sock bouquet? 

Socks aren’t the plain old gift that they used to be. Now, they are a gift that can be personalized to match a personality. What if a friend really loves shawarma? Well, you can gift them the shawarma socks, of course! With a sock bouquet, you can give a well-presented gift of multiple socks. It turns the gift into something even more quirky and fun. 

If you’re wondering what a sock bouquet even is (literally, a bouquet of socks) or how to make one, here’s how!

What you’ll need:

  • Socks
  • Safety pin
  • Dowels or skewers
  • Vase
  • Ribbon or decoration of your choice

Step 1

First, lay out the sock of your choice on a flat surface. You can choose a certain type of themed sock depending on the occasion! (For instance, if its Eid, use Eid themed sock!)

Step 2

Make a small fold at the opened part of the sock

Step 3

Start rolling the sock. Keep the rolls tight, while letting the rest of the sock stay loose

Step 4

At the bend of the sock, fold the toe end underneath, so that the sock looks like one long piece

Step 5

Keep rolling until the whole sock is rolled up like a rose!

Step 6

Use a safety pin to keep the rolls and folds in place

Step 7

Get a wooden dowel or skewer and stick it through the end of the rolled up sock

Step 8

Make as many as you want, and place in a vase or tie up with a ribbon

Voila! You have your bouquet of socks! Present this gift to your loved one on any special occasion, along with a card or box of chocolates. They’re sure to have a laugh and appreciate the fun gesture!

Written by Hala Butt