Halal Socks, based in Toronto, has been celebrating Muslim culture and pride through colourful socks, custom designs, and meaningful collaborations since 2017. Shehryar and Sara, a Muslim couple, were inspired to create Halal Socks after failing to find festive socks that appealed to a Muslim hipster sensibility.

But Halal Socks are more than just socks. Halal Socks create conversations about combined North American and Muslim values by exploring our unique cultural fusion in a compatible and complimentary way. With designs influenced by Muslim culture, foods and holidays, our socks are helping to educate the world about Islam. We aim to balance traditional Islamic customs with modern influences of inclusivity and respect for people from all walks of life. Halal in Arabic means ‘permissible’. We thought Halal Socks would be a fun, memorable name for our brand because unique, quality socks are always permissible.

Along with offering the world colourful, stylish designs, Halal Socks is putting even more good into the world. A percentage of our proceeds goes towards various Charity and Non-for-Profit organizations. In the past, we have supported Islamic Relief CanadaCancer Education Research FoundationThe Citizens FoundationSMILEProject Ramadan and Human Concern.

Because wearing your Halal Socks with pride can make a difference.

Organizations interested in collaborating with Halal Socks can email partnership@halalsocks.com

The Story behind Halal Socks

Co-Founders Sherry and Sara Qureshy share their experiences and the motivation that lead them to creating Halal Socks.

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