Essentials for Celebrating Eid in Toronto

Essentials for Celebrating Eid in Toronto

This Eid put your right foot forward and take advantage of what our diverse city of Toronto has to offer. Whether it’s going for Eid Prayer, or hanging with friends and family, keep the festive vibe going and make this special day an occasion to remember. We’ve put together six essentials for celebrating Eid in Toronto.

Go for Eid Prayer

Going for Eid Salah at your local mosque or at the many Eid Festivals offered in Toronto and Mississauga is the perfect way to start the celebrations. Join hundreds of Muslims in prayer, meet up with family and friends and show off your razzle dazzle (in the halal way!) Shop for Eid gifts at bazaars, take the kids on a few rides and enjoy the Muslim-friendly environment.

Swap Gifts

There’s nothing like gift-giving to show your appreciation to those you love. Organize a gift swap and let wrappers and merriment fly as you and your friends and family exchange goodies.

Eat Out

Toronto is known for its wide range of halal restaurants. As Canadians – and Muslims- we love our food. Grab a bite at one of the many halal burger joints or Indo-Pak cuisines and enjoy the pleasures of eating mid-day after a month of fasting!

Go out with Family and Friends

Be a tourist for a day. Gather your friends or family and enjoy what Toronto has to offer. Whether its walking along Lake Ontario, going to an amusement park, or hanging out at Mississauga’s Celebration Square, let the world know that Eid is today and you’re going to enjoy it to the max.

Wear Halal Socks

Whether you choose to wear a pair yourself, or gift some to a loved one, go Trudeau style and show off your holiday excitement with our Happy Eid socks! This colourful pair tops any Eid outfit, be it with slacks or thobes, skirts or shalwar kameez. And as a plus, wish everyone a Happy Eid with our new Eid Mubarak pin.

Give Back

Take a moment to remember those less fortunate who are unable to enjoy the festivities of Eid. Be proud of the Canadian stereotype that we’re the nicest and visit a local food bank, homeless shelter, or donate to a local charity, such as SMILE. SMILE is a non-profit organization that provides support to children living with disabilities in the Muslim community. If you choose to purchase our custom SMILE Limited Edition socks, all proceeds go towards funding the organization.