Since its inception Halal Socks has supported a number of recognized charitable causes through its extensive ongoing initiatives, events and donations. 


For many years, Halal Socks has supported local and regional fundraising efforts through its donations program. Due to the volume of requests, please note the following policies and procedures when submitting a request.

How to Apply

All requests must:

  • Be received at least 8-12 weeks in advance of the event date.

  • Submitted by email:

  • Indicate name of Charitable Organization, School or University

  • Identify location and description and date of event

  • Indicate contact name, phone number and mailing address.

Note: Requests which do not include the above information will not be considered.


Halal Socks will only consider requests from registered charitable organizations and reputable institutions. 

Occasionally donations may be offered to organizations raising funds at the discretion of Halal Socks.

Halal Socks does not provide donations to:

  • Individual requests

  • Political, fraternal or social organizations


  • Due to the volume of requests Halal Socks is not able to honour all requests received in any given month.

  • Only successful applicants will be contacted.

  • Successful applicants will receive their donation by mail no less than one month prior to the event date.

  • Requests received less than 6 weeks prior to an event may not qualify for a donation.

  • Organizations may only receive one donation per calendar year(this does not apply to different chapters or regional groups of the same charitable organization).

Organizations interested in collaborating with Halal Socks, custom designs or corporate gifts can contact us at: