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Does Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Impact Sock Sales?

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has seen his popularity dip among voters in recent weeks (thanks to a cringeworthy trip to India, fashionwise), the politician continues to be a sock style trendmaker. Since taking office in 2015, Trudeau has developed a reputation for his bold legwear choices.

The Internet Is Swooning Over New Photos of Justin Trudeau

The internet is loving photos of Justin Trudeau at Toronto’s pride parade that show he honored gay rights and Eid al-Fitr.

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When we first covered our favourite Islamically inspired clothing brands way back in 2015 the industry was teetering between a mix of screen printed Gildan tees and generic Arabic text clothing items. It’s 2018 now, and with clothing brands popping up left, right and centre and brands improving

Justin Trudeau’s Sock Diplomacy

On the Runway The first time could have been chalked up to charming idiosyncrasy. The second seemed like an effort to bring some levity to a complicated situation. But the third and fourth (and fifth and so on) times that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada wore themed socks on a public occasion, it seemed clear that something more calculated was going on.

One Foot In The Sink | Muslim Lifestyle Podcast – Halal Socks

In April 2017, Sherry Qureshy and his wife Sara, founded Halal Socks. The idea behind the Muslim-inspired festive socks began when Sara struggled to find a suitable Eid gift for her husband. Hear the story of how they started the business and why this means more then just wearing cool looking socks.

Justin Trudeau breaks the internet by celebrating Gay Pride and Ramadan at the same time

World News | Americas Trudeau sported a painted rainbow maple leaf on his cheek in honor of the LGBTQ community, but it was his socks that have since become an internet sensation Justin Trudeau breaks the internet by celebrating Gay Pride and Id at the same time.

Justin Trudeau wore our Muslim hipster socks –

The Qureshys explain how Halal Socks got on the prime minister’s feet. Twice. It’s no longer surprising when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s socks make headlines. There were Star Wars socks for May the Fourth, a NATO-themed pair for a leaders summit and maple leaves for Live with Kelly and Ryan .

Can Justin Trudeau’s socks bring peace to the world?

Name: Sock diplomacy. Appearance: Colourful. Inventor: Justin Trudeau, the 23rd prime minister of Canada. Not him again. What’s wrong with Justin Trudeau? Well, there are worse prime ministers out there, I suppose. Like who? Let’s not get into that.

Rise of the Humble Sock: Halal Version – The Link Canada

It is a piece of clothing usually condemned to the lowest drawers and recesses of the wardrobe. Sometimes left in the hallway, under the bed, on the steps, even in the sand box of children’s’ parks. It seems nobody gives two hoots about the neglected pair…

Trudeau’s Socks Stir Up Social Media Again

Along with a rainbow maple leaf on his cheek, the prime minister sported brightly coloured socks that marked Eid al-Fitr, which is celebrated by Muslims at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Eid coincided with Toronto’s Pride parade on Sunday.

Here’s The Story Behind The “Halal” Company Whose Socks Justin Trudeau Loves

Socks are usually the last thing most people think about when putting together an outfit, and they’re something you’d hardly think of it you want to send across a message. You know, with them being on the feet, away from our eyes and all. But…

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Novelty Socks with Political Messages

Socks are having a moment. It all started on the runway -at Prada, Gucci, and Vetements, specifically-and before we knew it, socks were rivaling It bags as 2017’s most highly coveted, hard-to-find luxury items. You still can’t get your hands on Vetements’s striped tube socks from Spring, despite their $95 price tag (i.e.

Six designs from the Justin Trudeau-approved Halal Socks – in pictures

The co-founders tell us why their socks represent unity – at a personal, regional and international level Shehryar”Sherry” Qureshy and his wife Sara, the founders of Halal Socks, say the Canada-based company is the professional extension to their personal relationship.

Trudeau celebrates ‘multiple layers of identities’ with Pride Mubarak socks (PHOTOS)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has created a social media frenzy after he attended Toronto’s pride march donning rainbow socks celebrating the Muslim holiday of Eid. The popular PM used the opportunity to promote inclusivity, but his words were overshadowed by his colorful socks. “This is all about including people,” Trudeau told local Canadian media.

Social media abuzz over Justin Trudeau’s Pride appearance with ‘Eid Mubarak’ socks

Canada’s Justin Trudeau took part in Toronto’s Pride parade, with the prime minister’s official photographer Adam Scotti there to mark only the second time that a Canadian leader has marched in the country’s largest LGBT event.